Once the installation appointment is set, a few preliminary events must occur.

Phase 1 – Fiber Preperation

A Fiber line will be laid in the ground in conduit from near the curb in front of your home or from existing utility poles overhead to your home’s exterior wall, called the Fiber Termination Point (FTP). The FTP’s location is based on a pre-determined location, generally near the existing power meter outside your home unless otherwise specified.

    1. When your order is submitted, a representative of our construction team will review the notes from your initial sign-up plans and attempt to contact you via phone call or text to coordinate an on-site meeting (if necessary) to discuss the route planned for the conduit and fiber to be laid in the ground and to finalize with you the location of the FTP. 
    2. Blue Stakes of UTAH will be contacted to mark out any existing lines in the ground, so you may see red, orange, and other utility paint markings show up on or around your property to help us identify and avoid conflict with other existing utilities.
    3. Once this route and location of the FTP plan have been finalized, a construction crew (2-3 individuals) will arrive within a few days and place the conduit and fiber cable in the ground, and that will be stubbed up at the side of your home on the exterior wall at the FTP as previously designated. Please take precautions so that pets and children do not tamper with the fiber cable and conduit. They will also install an orange insulated copper tracer wire with the underground conduit to facilitate future Blue Stakes/underground utility locate requirements.
      1. If it is determined that the fiber line will come in overhead from the existing utility poles, the new fiber line will be installed to your home a few days before your service installation to the FTP as described above. The new overhead line will be placed similarly to other existing overhead service lines attached to your home and per industry installation standards.

Phase 2 – Fiber Installation

  1. After the conduit with fiber is in place, a Fiber Technician will arrive a few days later and place a fiber terminal box at the agreed-upon location outside of your home (FTP). They will then connect the fiber at the hub near the curb (in a vault or Telcom pedestal box) and to the terminal box at the FTP outside your home.

On the date of your internet installation appointment, an Installation Technician will arrive to install a modem inside your home called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

Once the installation of the ONT is complete, your fiber optic internet will be usable through your connected home router.

Detailed Installation Prices

  1. A Standard Installation will provide 45’ of fiber from the FTP outside the home to a location in the home on an exterior wall within a few feet of a power outlet where the ONT can be installed.
    1. The ONT is a modem used as a “hand-off” device to the router.
    2. The ONT does not broadcast Wi-Fi. You, or your ISP, will need to provide a router to distribute internet within the home.
  2. An Advanced Installation will provide up to 150’ of fiber from the FTP outside the home to the ONT installed inside the home at any viable location.
    1. An Advanced Installation will include up to 4 hours of labor
    2. An Advanced Installation will be billed to you at a flat fee of $200 from your ISP.
    3. The ONT must be within a few feet of a home power outlet.


If you have any questions or requests about this process, please call or text Intellipop at 801-851-1770.  Intellipop will be your representative during the install process.  Once your fiber is connected, we will be your primary point of contact – 24/7.




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